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  1. M Sagar Kumar

    Of late, a larger debate is going on all over the country about how corruption is eating into the vitals of the Indian society. There are Anna Hazares, Arvind Kejrivals and a whole lot of intellectuals both fighting and debating. The media too. Both Print, Electroninc and eccentric. But the irony is none of them touch the issue of caste though it remains the single largest and major reason for the current sorry state of affairs.
    Let me explain how Caste system will ultimately prove out to be the root cause for major problems like corruption.
    We have land less and illiterate dalit sections and the most back ward castes in the villages and they are systematically supressed by our social structures. Even when gross injustices are meted out to them, the co citizens will keep quiet. The law remains a mute spectator. Even if any genuine police man attempts to intervene he will be punished or thrown out by his own police hierarchy. Accepting it as a fact of life, instead of revolting against it, is nothing but sheer corruption. Children growing with the prejudices of their respective castes and their parents allowing it is nothing but corruption. Developed castes using their caste links, not their own so called merit, to advance their cause is nothing but corruption. The system of caste also develops several prejudices against women.
    Why are parents allowing their children to grow like this. Because it is suiting them as well.
    Why are they not teaching their children that it is not lawful to nurture prejudices against lower castes and even women of all castes. After the out pouring of the recent national anger against the infamous Delhi Gang rape, teh police could catch all the rapists within no time. All of them will soon be punished in a harsh way.
    Now tell me, will the parents of these rapists or general parents here after would allow their children to nurture prejudices against women hereafter. Certainly not. Becasue the law started catching up now. They knew that their children will one day come into conflict with law if they are brought up with the way they are being brought up now. Definitely, they will now impart new values to thier kids to be tolerant about girls and to respect them. Otherwise, they will have to see their kids in jail when they grow up with the same set of nonsensical prejudices.
    Similar awakening has to arrive in respect of caste related suppression and prejudices also. Unfortunately, even the worser atrocities against dalits and BCs could not shook the conscience of this nation. This is because our nation our people did not get rid of their caste related prejudices.
    Can we expect honest, transparent and corruption free society in a society that is beset with so many prejudices.
    Now you know, where to start to kill the demon of corruption.
    Will the patriots start their mission from this point?

  2. Satya Bathula

    I am very great-full to Mr. DMR Sekhar, who understand the roots of caste system. Caste system came from Aryans, who brought tripartite ideology along with them, Mittani kingdom hierarchical society in Iran around 1400 BCE is an evidence for this.

    Mr. Shekar clearly explained who are Aryans, their habits, their ideology really very realistic way. All his work is really great useful material for the Intellectuals who wants to know the caste system origin.

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