Laws of Biology

Living Systems



Those who say that “life” can be described by the existing physical laws are either ignorant or telling lies intentionally.


Laws of biology

Many scientists are of the opinion that life systems can be described within the gambit of the existing laws of physics and chemistry without being aware of its implications. A car and the driver of it must be the same in all respects as they are governed by the same laws of physics and chemistry? Obviously this is not true. Then what are the laws of physics and chemistry that distinguish the car and the driver? We find none. Then some take the obnoxious view that there is nothing called “life” and that there is no difference between the driver and the car!
We do not need a scientist to say that a car is different from the driver. What is required is just common sense. The car is a physical system and the driver is a living system. Living systems obey all physical laws and yet cannot be fully described by physical laws and hence the need to state biological laws that can distinguish a car from its driver. What physical law can explain as to why an unconscious bird cannot fly? Those who say that “life” can be described by the existing physical laws are either ignorant or telling lies intentionally.
I took the lead to state the biological laws. While doing so I did find that all most all of these laws are based on the ideas/theories/experiments of other scientists. Accordingly I mentioned the name of scientist with each biological law as it is based on the idea of that scientist. The following eight laws I think are fundamental to biology.
[1] The first law of biology is, “genome is self programmable” because of which living systems are self driven.
[2] Bose’s law of biology may be stated as, “Living systems respond not only to external stimuli but also to internal stimulus of will”.
After JC Bose.
[3] Third law of biology may be stated as,” All living systems are conscious”.
    This is Universal Law.
[4] Venter’s law of biology may be stated as, “The genomic processes have primacy over the cell processes”.

After Craig Venter.  

[5] Freud’s Law of biology may be stated as, “Primary instincts self preservation and procreation drove the process of evolution of species”.

After Sigmund Freud.

[6] Volkenshtein’s law of biology may be stated as, “The necessary potential for the drive of the evolution of species is provided by the genomic potential that arises due to the higher per cent of A-T pairs in the genome and or A-T rich regions in the genome”.

After  MV Volkenshtein.

[7] Hanawalt’s law of biology may be stated as, “The myriad of chemical reactions that proceed in a living cell are both spontaneous and non spontaneous and the non spontaneous processes predominate as a result of which the reactions are in programmed coordination”.

After Philip Hanawalt.

[8] Wallace, Darwin, Wald’s law of evolution by natural selection may be stated as,: “Procreation of variant types by the organism, independent of its environment and selection of the fittest variants by the environment in which the organism itself is an interacting integral part”.

After Russel Wallace, Charles Darwin and George Wald

[9] McClintock’s law of biology may be stated as, “living cells are aware of all the processes that are going on within them”. In other words living cells are self aware or conscious.



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