Random Birds

Unconscious self programming is impossible.



A bird can fly only if it is conscious and the flight trajectory of the bird is decided by the bird itself guided by its requirements for survival. More clearly the birds program their flight trajectories consciously.

A look at these birds tells us that their flight positions and postures are random. That is that these birds are in a random state of flight..

The water molecules in the vapour above the sea are also in random motion as water molecules in the sea are.
Are the random states of the birds and the water molecules same?
See this bird swimming in the sea. What it is looking for?
Dipping down into the deep? Yeah it was hungry and needs to fish. Nothing fishy about it not being random!
Traces of the water ways!!

A joke constantly is harassing me nowadays. The joke goes like this. Expert policemen from different countries assembled at one place to discuss the global terrorism and the skills to track down terrorists in hiding. All of them decided to exhibit heir skills. They designed an experiment which involves releasing a cat into the forest and the police men of each country will be given a chance to catch and bring back the cat. The Russian police men just took one hour to bring back the cat. Americans took two hours as they had spent some time to enjoy a mug of beer before taking up the task. The chance of Indians came and the cat was let out at around 2pm. The Indian police swung into action immediately without wasting time. But they did not return even after four hours to the horror of other participants. So they all went into the jungle in search of the Indian police, leave aside the cat. They found the Indian police in the middle of the jungle torturing a bandicoot  to extract a confession from the bandicoot that it in fact is the same cat that was let loose for the test.


The attempts to describe life and its forms in terms of physical laws remind me of the fate of the bandicoot.

The equation of free energy in thermodynamics may be re written in psychological terms as follows.

F = B + i G

Where F is the ”free will” that imparts freedom to think creatively and take decisions, B is the ”bound will”, the programs at Genetic, Physiological and Psychological levels / phases. For example blood circulation and heart beat are controlled by programs at physiological level/phase. Then i is the ”self awareness” that imparts I-ness to us measured in degrees of consciousness and G is the ”genopsych”, the self programming property [similar to or same as entropy of physical systems a measure of order] of the living forms/ systems. At i  tending to 0 or G tending to  0, F is approximately equal to G as in the case of a virus which is said to be sub living or at the boundary of living and non living. Needless to say that the free will and bound will of the species increased as they evolved into higher organism.May we call it geno dynamic equation?

DMR Sekhar.


Water molecules in the sea water and in the vapor above follow the physical laws and so are the birds but birds are self directed that is they are conscious.

 If unconscious, Random Birds of Sekhar

will be as good as Newton’s apples are.

Notes: [1] The pictures in this Knol are taken during my visit to Luderitz port, Namibia.

          [2]   An extra large size rat is known as Pandi Kokku in Telugu language. Some how Pandi Kokku inTelugu is now Bandicoot in English.









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