Thorleif Wathne

Ongole and Wathne couple



Christian missionaries played a key role in educating Indian masses who were denied education by Aryan Hindu system. Ancient Dravidians [the so called dalits] are the worst sufferers of the caste system imposed by Aryan Hindus. American Baptist Mission led by Rev. Clough introduced Madiga and Mala [Ancient Dravidians] communities to Christianity in the Ongole region of India and provided them with European education. Rev. Thorleif Wathne and Mrs Wathne followed up the mission of Rev. Clough.

 Rev. Thorleif Wathne



Thorleif Wathne was born in Horten, Norway, May 24, 1888. In 1907 he was converted and joined the Baptist Church in Skien. Having just been graduated from a junior college he came to America to study at the Morgan Park seminary. After his graduation he taught at that seminary for some time, and in 1913 he went to India as a missionary together with his wife. The missionary couple has rendered a valuable service in India. At the present time Rev. Wathne has charge of the large station at Ongole on the Telugu field. Mrs. Wathne’s maiden name was Miss. Ellen B. Nielsen. She was born in Denmark, Oct. 6, 1883, and she became a Baptist there. She was a member of the Logan square Norwegian Baptist Church, Chicago, when she married and went out as a missionary. During one of his furloughs Rev. Wathne took the Ph.B. degree at the University of Chicago.   

 Ongole (On-gole’) 1866. Ongole, situated in the heart of the Telugu country, is the mother of nearly all the Baptist stations in South India. Opened in 1866 by John E. Clough, “the Apostle to the Telugus,” after the great famine of 1877-8, it became the scene of one of the most remarkable revivals in mission history, in which 2,222 outcastes were baptized in a single day and over 9,000 in six months. After being divided and sub-divided again and again during the years, the Ongole field still registers over 13,000 church members, representing a Christian community of over 30,600. Practically the whole Madiga community (one of the divisions of the outcastes) have become Christians. And now a movement has begun among the Sudra caste people, over 500 of whom have been baptized on the Ongole field.


Ongole is also the center of one of the largest and most productive mission undertakings in the world. The schools, of which the High School for Boys and the Harriet Clough Memorial School for Girls are the most important, aim to meet the requirements of a large Christian community for their leadership in evangelism, education and industrial work. New dormitory arrangements for the Girls’ School include cottages in each of which twenty girls live and form their own household. The Clough Memorial Hospital serves an area of over 100 square miles. This modern, well-equipped hospital of 150 beds was made possible by contributions from Indians, the Government of Madras and American friends, and it ministers alike to men, women and children, regardless of religion or caste. Recent new equipment includes a new operating and delivery room. Important recent additions to the staff have been an Indian doctor and a young Indian woman evangelist. The Ongole Town Church, worshiping in the beautiful Jewett Memorial, is entirely self-supporting and aids materially other churches and institutions. Practically all evangelistic work in the field is now under the direction of the Field Association which employs a large number of evangelists and Bible women.




Population in field 277,500; missionaries 9; native workers 538; churches 26; members 13,770; baptisms 365; schools 246; pupils 8,910; hospitals i; dispensaries i; patients 12,632.




Thorleif Wathne, Mission Secy. Clough Memorial Hospital

Mrs. Thorleif Wathne

A. G. Boggs, M.D.

Mrs. A. G. Boggs

Harriet Clough Memorial E. Hoisted, M.D.

School Mrs. E. Hoisted, R.N.

*Miss Helen L. Bailey *Sigrid C. Johnson, R.N.

*S. Maude McDaniel, R.N.





Book Title:                 All Kindreds and tongues [microfilm]: an illustrated survey of the foreign                                         mission enterprise of Northern Baptists (1940)

Author:                       American Baptist Foreign Mission Society; Woman’s American Baptist                                           Foreign Mission Society; Lerrigo, P. H. J. (Peter Hugh James), 1875-1958

Publisher:                  New York: American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, and Woman’s                                              American Baptist Foreign Mission Society


 Rev. Thorleif Wathne


Rev. Thorleif Wathne and
 Mrs Bertha Wathne

  1. Aryanism: Arya Dharma
  2. Hindu in the Contemporary India
  3. Life, Consciousness and Evolution
  4. Bhil Nadu
  5. Engineering Education
  6. Unbound Intelligence – Review
  7. Laws of Biology
  8. Genopsych : collection
  9. Libet’s puzzle
  10. Survival strategies of living systems
  11. New Ideas
  12. घंटाघर
  13. चांदनी रात
  14. Colosseum
  15. ఇప్పుడు కాదండీ
  16. కాల భైరవం
  17. ద్రోహి
  18. चांदनी रात
  19. Colosseum
  20. चंगुल
  21. పరోక్షం
  22. India
  23. Temples of Sand
  24. సమయం
  25. కవితలు
  26. లోకం పోకడ
  27. శఫరి
  28. బానిసత్వం
  29. ఆలోచన
  30. గొంగళి
  31. సామి
  32. కాల భైరవం
  33. రాజకీయం
  34. స్వేఛ్చ కోసం
  35. గోగు పూలు
  36. పరిశోధన
  37. వైరం
  38. గాంధీ గారు
  39. Blind faith in old science
  40. వాస్తవం
  41. ఆనాటి శఫరి
  42. ప్రయాణం
  43. వైనం
  44. Conscious systems and the third law of biology
  45. గుగ్గిళ్ళు
  46. Sir JC Bose and the second law of biology
  47. Entropy and its dual nature
  48. Living Systems
  49. మాయం
  50. ఎడారి మయూరి
  51. మేఘ నిరసన
  52. రాగ రాగిణి
  53. వెబ్ లో తెలుగు సినిమా పాటలు
  54. పెద్దల మాట
  55. ఉలుకు పలుకు
  56. పునరాలోచన
  57. Reality of the Self
  58. నా కధ
  59. అనివార్యం
  60. ఒకనాటి కల
  61. మార్పు
  62. శేష దుష్ప్రభావం
  63. ఆటవికులు
  64. మట్టి దిండు
  65. వేకువ ఝామున
  66. శక్తి
  67. సమీక్ష
  68. లెక్కలు
  69. వెన్నెట్లో పూల పందిట్లో
  70. నిశ్చయమైన విషయం
  71. అధ్భుతమైన స్వప్నం
  72. నిన్నటి అందం
  73. Eddington’s Psycho-Syndrome
  74. అగ్ని ప్రక్షాళన
  75. వెర్రి వాడు
  76. వాన
  77. వర్షం
  78. తెల్లవారని తెలివి
  79. యశస్వి
  80. సునామీ
  81. యాక్ ఛి
  82. చింతన
  83. మర్దిన్చవే నా చెల్లీ
  84. హిందోళ
  85. స్వర్గం
  86. గుప్త చిత్రం
  87. దేవుడు లేని దగ్గర
  88. ఎడారి
  89. మహా మార్గం
  90. నేను, పర్వతం
  91. గోడు
  92. సన్న్ద్ది
  93. వెయ్యి దివ్వెలు
  94. అరణ్య రాజ్యం
  95. తీరని కోర్క
  96. భారతి
  97. వెన్నెట్లో దిగులు
  98. కాకి గోల
  99. విశ్వరూపం
  100. సింగూరు
  101. ఒప్పుకుంది
  102. ప్రియురాలి అందం
  103. శివరంజని
  104. కవితా వేదన
  105. దుమారం
  106. గావు కేకలు
  107. తాళం లేని ద్వారం
  108. అంతంలేని చోటు
  109. మృత సముద్రం
  110. కల్లుకుండ
  111. ఈత చెట్టు
  112. నేస్తాలు
  113. తను
  114. శఫరి
  115. The paradox of life
  116. Castes in the Court
  117. Genopsych
  118. The properties of living systems
  119. Plants and human health
  120. Evolution of Human Societies
  121. Sindollu
  122. Seetha Katha
  123. Venter builds Wald’s machine
  124. The primacy of DNA as a unit of life
  125. The drive and the direction of evolution
  126. Aryan, Arya and Ayyanar
  127. Capacitor like electronic structures of DNA
  128. Thorleif Wathne
  129. Random Birds
  130. Phosphates in agriculture
  131. Poturaju